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Hanzo Umeshu

<p>There is a delicate balance between sweet lusciousness of ume and sharpness of sake. It is viscous and velvety, but the finish is refreshingly dry.</p>

Katsuyama “En” Tokubetsu Junmai – It is all about the rice

Katsuyama – “En” –...

Kamoshibito Kuheiji – “Kudan no Yamada” – Junmai Ginjō 2013

Kamoshibito Kuheiji – “Kudan no...

Ippin – Junmai Daiginjō

Ippin – Junmai Daiginjō    ...

Ippin Junmai

Ippin – Junmai     Summary: Do...

Dewazakura Daiginjō Yamada Nishiki 48

Dewazakura –  Yamada Nishiki 48 –...

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Do you drink sake? No? I think I know why!

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You don’t know which brands to buy.

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I will help you navigate the new and exciting world of sake.

I will review sake available in Australia, one post at a time. I will also tell you more about sake – grades, kinds and different flavour profiles. Bookmark SakeGuide for a handy reference when faced with an impenetrable drinks menu and a clueless waiter!

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November 11, 2018 |

SuperSake Perth Sake Matsuri | Nov 24 – 25

This year we see a return of Perth’s SuperSake’s Summer Sake Festival. What better way to welcome Summer than to do it with sake and a wide variety of Japanese alcoholic beverages and food. It will be on the weekend of November 24 and 25 from 12 – 5pm on the grounds of Tsunami restaurant in Mosman Park, Perth. Special guests this year will be two lady toji’s (sake brewers) from Gozenshu and Imada breweries. Drop by for the festival food and drinks with your family and friends. The theme will be relaxed and kid friendly. Plenty of $5 Japanese food and soft drinks for the non-alcoholic attendees and Taiko Japanese drumming performances to...

October 28, 2018 |

Sydney 2018 Sake Matsuri

Sake Matsuri this year saw 700 sake lovers come through to COMMUNE in Waterloo. With seven importers selling and educating people on sake, it was a bigger and better sake festival. We had people visiting from all over Asia Pacific for Sake Matsuri. Fujisaki was catering at the event with some awesome chirashi bowls, fried chicken and house made matcha and yuzu macaroons. For the last two years, Sake Matsuri has been a awesome opportunity for sake importers to connect and learn from each other. For sake lovers who are expert and new to the beverage to taste a whole rage of Gingo sake’s, Junmai, Koshu and more! Sake Matsuri in 2017 was my first foray into the sake...

June 30, 2018 |

Super Sake! Western Australian sake hero Brett Carboni

Hello, Sake Lovers! It has been a whole three years since I blogged on anything sake-related. Or blogged at all. One thing that has been on my mind all these years, though, is the unpublished interview with Brett Carboni, the founder of Super Sake, a Western Australian sake importing and retailing company. Brett is a true pioneer of Japanese food and drink over in Perth. Here, on the East Coast, we are truly spoiled by the amazing choice of Japanese restaurants and sake. Things are tougher in the West – or they were, until Brett stepped up the WA sake game. A founder of Tsunami restaurant and pub, here he tells us about how...

August 11, 2015 |

All about Taka sake – the OTHER beauty from Yamaguchi (it is not just about Dassai!)

Taka sake is another contender of Yamaguchi. It is not just about Dassai, you know!

July 19, 2015 |

Sake begins with rice – Izumibashi sake

Sake begins with rice. It is a popular mantra. Usually, this means careful processing of rice during sake brewing. But some brewers, like Izumibashi, grow their own.

June 15, 2015 |

Sakenet – the sake, the people, the philosophy.

Ever wondered who brings the interesting sake brands like Tamagawa and Shinkame to Australia? The Sakenet. Sake Guide speaks to people behind the company.

May 28, 2015 |

Nøgne Ø – Sparkling Sake

Nøgne Ø sparkling sake has a subtle nose of yogurt and pear, and well-pronounced, but smooth acidity. It is laced with impressions of fresh steamed rice, which creates silky and creamy texture underneath the prickly bubbles.

March 22, 2015 |

An Interview with a Sake Samurai

At the recent Art of Sake event at the Consulate of Japan in Sydney, I finally got to meet Andre Bishop, Australia’s own Sake Samurai. We caught up to talk all things food and sake.

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