Do you drink sake? No? I think I know why!

You don’t know what it will taste like.

You don’t know which brands to buy.

You can’t read the labels! It is just too hard!

I will help you navigate the new and exciting world of sake.

I will review sake available in Australia, one post at a time. I will also tell you more about sake – grades, kinds and different flavour profiles. Bookmark SakeGuide for a handy reference when faced with an impenetrable drinks menu and a clueless waiter!

Japan-2010 Who is Sake Guide?

I am Slava Beliakova, a Sydney-based Sake expert. I have a life-long fascination with Japanese culture, travel and food. I also have an in-depth knowledge of Japan, which adds a unique perspective to my understanding of sake.

In January 2014, I received the Certified Sake Professional qualification from the Sake Education Council. I studied in Japan, with the world’s most-renowned sake expert, John Gauntner. I also hold SSI Kikisakeshi qualification, or sake sommelier qualification awarded by the Sake Service Institute, Tokyo.

I was the official Sake Tastemaker for the inaugural Vino Paradiso wine and food festival in Sydney, 2014.

I am available for restaurant consultations, staff training and corporate sake events.  I am a huge sake geek and would love to spread the knowledge and love of sake!