Kubota Shuzō – Fukukoma – Junmai Ginjō Nama Genshu

Kubota Shuzō – Fukukoma –  Junmai Ginjō Nama Genshu

Kubota Shuzō – Fukukoma –  Junmai Ginjō Nama Genshu   Summary: A well-balanced, morish, exciting sake that surprises with its savoury finish. Unpasteurised, so get it while you can. Seimaibuai: 55%, Acohol: 16.9% Price: $43.45 online for 720 ml bottle. Score – 9/10 grains Details: This is such a well-balanced sake. Straight out of a chilled bottle, it begins with a delicate floral fragrance. Suddenly, more pungent ricey, yeasty notes filter through. On the palate, it has upfront sweetness, which flows into spicy berries, dark chocolate, a hit of spiciness and, finally, a smooth finish with loads of umami. What’s umami, you ask? Umami is a Japanese word for the fifth taste, the savoury, satisfying character of a dish. Think aged cheddar, truffles, black caviar. Once you pay attention to umami, it’s instantly recognisable. Fukukoma has plenty of umami in its body, which makes you crave one sip after another. It is brilliant paired with hot-smoked fish, pungent, aged cheeses, and beer snacks like jerky and dried squid. The best thing about this sake, however, is the harmony between all its flavour elements – sweetness, umami, unpasteurised zing and acidity. A very well thought out brew and worth seeking out.  Remember, it is unpasteurised and might not always be available. Technical Notes: Nama sake – or namazake –  requires extra care,  but compensates in liveliness of taste. It should always be refrigerated. “Genshu” means it has not been diluted with water, which, in this case, makes it slightly more...

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