Komachi Shuzō – Nagaragawa ‘Tenkawa’ – Junmai Ginjō

Komachi Shuzō – Nagaragawa ‘Tenkawa’ –  Junmai Ginjō

Komachi Shuzō – Nagaragawa ‘Tenkawa’ –  Junmai Ginjō    Summary: A beautiful and drinkable sake. A sure crowd-pleaser. Seimaibuai: 55%, Acohol: 15.5% Price: $35.45 online for 720 ml bottle. Score – 10/10 grains     Details: Tenkawa means “heavenly river”. It is, indeed, heavenly. It is produced by a small kura where music is played to the fermenting sake as the brewers believe it enhances the work of kōji. The resulting brew is a delicate, highly palatable balance between sweetness and acidity. The fragrant nose is honey-sweet but has elegant notes of yuzu citrus. On the palate, it is just as balanced.  Sweetness reminiscent of vanilla rice pudding is cut with green apple.  There is just a touch of spiciness on the tongue, without astringency, followed by a dry but mellow finish. I drank Tenkawa from a champagne flute, enjoying its silvery, lightly opaque colour.  As the sake warmed up to room temperature, it seemed to become even more enjoyable. Highly...

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